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*Spiritual Growth Tools Videos**

Spiritual Growth Tools Videos posted on Youtube:

   Heal the World Meditation- This meditation is designed to help you to send love and healing out to the world as she struggles with the pollution and destruction that mankind is inflicting on her. Please share this far and wide so that we can all join together to help our home and mother to heal. Thank you. 18 mins length. 
   Vacuuming with Archangel Michael - This meditation is really useful if you are feeling under the weather, stressed, sad or in need of a boost. Archangel Michael vacuums away negative belief systems and thoought patterns and helps to ease pain. He then fills you with a wonderful healing energy to enable you to go about your day.  15 mins length. 
   How to Improve Your Health in Two Minutes a Day - this simple technique is one of the most effective techniques of the BodyTalk System, and one that you can do as often as you like. We have seen improvement in troubled schools using this technique, as well as all manner of health issues, emotional issues and pain. Try it for thirty days for yourself and see if it makes a difference in your life. 3 mins length. 



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