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Heal the World Meditation- This meditation is designed to help you to send love and healing out to the world as she struggles with the pollution and destruction that mankind is inflicting on her. Please share this far and wide so that we can all join together to help our home and mother to heal. Thank you. 18 mins length. Click Here to Watch 

How to Improve Your Health in Two Minutes a Day - this simple technique is one of the most effective techniques of the BodyTalk System, and one that you can do as often as you like. We have seen improvement in troubled schools using this technique, as well as all manner of health issues, emotional issues and pain. Try it for thirty days for yourself and see if it makes a difference in your life. 3 mins length. Click Here to Watch 

Listen to the Wisdom of Your Body Meditation

Are you sick and tired of searching for the answer to health and happiness outside of yourself?

On the internet, at the doctors, in a book, on a course? We live in a world that tells us the more information we know, the better we will be able to live, heal and thrive.

This is just not true. The answer to our health and happiness lies within us. 

We look for the answers everywhere but inside ourselves. 

The Key to Happiness Literally Lies Within You

Did you know that your body already communicates with you all the time?

Here are some of the ways- it talks to you daily, by telling you to:

  • Go to bed when you are tired
  • Put clothes on when you are cold
  • Drink when you are thirsty
  • Eat food when you are hungry
  • Take clothes off when you are hot
  • Avoid using the body when you have been injured 

and many other ways it stays in communication with you so that you can continue breathing, walk freely, and process food so that you remain nourished. The problem that we have is that there is so much body hatred in our societies in both men and women that we generally ignore our bodies’ wisdom in the pursuit of perfection.

How do we ignore our bodies?


  •   Use caffeine and other substances to overcome natural tiredness
  •   Use recreational drugs and alcohol to make ourselves feel better
  •   Have surgery to improve various parts of our body
  •   Use chemicals to whiten teeth, improve wrinkles etc.
  •   Exercise less than is good for us or too much
  •   Continue working when we are ill
  •   Eat a poor diet, in a hurried way
  •   Live stressed, hectic lives chasing money or power

And on. And on. Does this sound familiar?

We have lost the ability to listen to the wisdom of your body and we rely on external signals to function. We eat at meal times, instead of when we are hungry. We go to bed because it is bedtime, rather than listening to our body.

Imagine if You Were Friends With Your Body?

Imagine if you were friends with it, rather than it’s enemy?

Do you hate your nose? Your thighs? Your hair? Your teeth? Your rear? Your height? Your weight? Your legs? Your stomach? All of you?

So many of us spend so much time thinking about how to change those bits that we hate, and it is a sad reflection of our time that it is exceptionally rare to meet someone who loves themselves just the way they are. Especially women. Again the body is the vehicle in which we travel through this lifetime. It is on our side. It wants us to be healthy and happy. It wants to help us find peace, and avoid pain.


What if you could start having a conversation with your body, and the key organs in the body to find out what it needs from you?

In this meditation, you will be introduced to how to listen to the wisdom of your body in a gentle and kind way. You will be guided how to ask questions and to listen for answers. 

Each time you do this meditation, you will be building a bond with the only person that matters to you, and that is you. 

Self love is born from a good relationship with the body. By finding out what your body needs and wants, you can make changes to your life that will naturally enhance it and enable you to make decisions that are healthful and good for you.

What Would the Benefit Be of Listening to the Wisdom of Your Body? 

Our body tells us what we need to eat in the present moment. It knows what is lacking and what is required.

It knows how to cure diseases, attack viruses, fight infections, heal wounds, and protect us from harm.

It knows how to regulate hormones, reduce stress, and balance temperatures around the body. 

It is also our vehicle for this journey on earth, and for the most part, it is the only one we will have this lifetime.

Find out what your body is trying to tell you...

Listen to the Wisdom of Your Body Meditation £19.99




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