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BodyTalk Sessions

Never heard of BodyTalk?  Neither had Maria Henkes, in Holland, and here is what she says:

I had a couple BodyTalk sessions on distance by Caroline and I find it amazing what she does, she tells me things about my body that she couldn't possible know and then tells the body to solve that and in the next days after the healing my body starts reacting and shifting and I actually start to feel a lot better. Thank you so much Caroline!!! You are a true Healer and you are very good in what you do!!!

Dr Claire Winstanley Bristol says

"Since having BodyTalk with Caroline there have been some huge changes in my family. My youngest is much less clingy and can now be upstairs on her own. I have been told many times now that my middle son is much calmer and easier to get along with, and my husband is much less stressed, and better able to cope with his workload. I myself am much less anxious, and have a lot more energy, and am happy to recommend Caroline and BodyTalk to my patients as I can see that she can help them to overcome fears, and emotional issues."

And James Maunder, Bristol says 

'Caroline's remarkable talents allied to this poweful technique is a potent combination which has helped to clear longstanding negative energy in my body which was hampering my recovery (from M.E.). Leave your preconceptions at the door and try it. I have found is as fascinating as it is helpful.'

What Is BodyTalk?  

The BodyTalk System ™ is an entirely different method of looking at disease and illness. It is the combined the wisdom of eastern medicine, western medicine, acupuncture, chiropractics, kinesiology, maths, philosophy, and other medicinal systems such as ayurvedic medicine. Instead of talking to the client and discussing their symptoms, we ask their body if there are any communication blockages that have compromised the healthy balance that the body strives to maintain.

Our bodies talk to us all the time- they tell us to eat food when we are hungry, to put clothes on when we are cold, and to go to sleep when we need rest.

However, the most amazing element in our bodies is the healing aspect- if you cut your hand, you do not need to tell your body in which order to send extra proteins to the cut, or to clot the blood, and to reform the skin under the clot so that once it is healed there is little or no scarring. The body also displays great wisdom- if you strain an ankle, for example, the body is telling you to stop using that part (by causing pain and swelling), so that healing can occur.

The BodyTalk System ™ has found a way to talk to the healing wisdom of the bodymind complex and ask it what it needs to do, and in what sequence, in order that health, happiness, and harmony may be restored. The actual order in which we heal is very important. For example, if a stomach ulcer is treated before the reason that the stomach ulcer occurred, then it is highly likely that the stomach ulcer will return. Likewise, if the reason for anxiety is not addressed before the symptoms caused by the anxiety, then once again, the condition is likely to come back.

The reason that this healing wisdom cannot always function at its optimum level is due to our lifestyles and stresses and strains. Factors which affect our ability to be free from disease can be physical, emotional, mental, chemical, environmental, and economic, amongst others.

Whatever your condition, if the various parts of the body are communicating efficiently, then the body is better able to function. 

What to expect during a session: 

A typical BodyTalk session ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. I will ask the client to fill in some forms prior to the session and to discuss the goals to be addressed during the treatment. At the end of each session, I establish if the client needs further sessions, and what is the correct length of time between sessions.

My introduction to The BodyTalk System

I first discovered BodyTalk when a practitioner came into work and offered us taster sessions. I was really impressed with how quickly and accurately she told me what was happening with my body, and within 3 sessions, I was beginning to see huge improvements in my health.

I continued to have regular sessions and then decided that I wanted to learn more about the system. I booked on my first course in July 2005 and passed my exams in October 2005. I have continued to study this fascinating system. Each course adds something new to my practice. I started practicing in Jan 06, and have been using BodyTalk ever since. I love working with this ever-expanding system because it continues to show us new ways to look at health into the future.

Most of the sessions that I do are distance as I currently have clients in Canada, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, and the United States of America, as well as all over the UK. This is particularly useful during the pandemic as I can help you without you needing to leave your home. 

Price of Treatment

My sessions cost £60.00 each or £220.00 if you book four at once, or £540 if you book ten at once. It is very difficult to say how many sessions each person needs, but I usually recommend a course of 4 to start with to allow the body ample time to discover blockages that you may have been carrying all your life. 

One Session £60.00     




Four Sessions £220.00




Ten Sessions £540.00





If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a 15 minute discussion to go over your concerns, please contact me - all details can be found on the Contact Me page. 

Testimonials from some of my clients:

Although hard to say exactly how, I feel the session has made a significant difference, less background noise in my head somehow, clearer space mentally.
My mood has been much brighter. I really am very grateful and feel you are a truly gifted healer.

Dr Maya Spencer, UK

Those who have been around in my life over the last year will have seen a deep departure from reality and descent into depression and suffering. Those who see me now cannot beleive the shift. I give thanks now to Caroline Nettle, whose BodyTalk sessions are literally beyond this world. Her profound connection to the angelic realms aids deeply this process of simply talking to the body to immense and profound healing beyond words, and I am testimony to this. She specialises in depression, mental health disorders, chronic physical pain and addictions and anyone ....anyone....anyone... suffering do not hesitate to work with her. Her integrity, wisdom, humour make for a life changing session, which quite frankly could save your life....

Rachel Naomi Lees

"I highly recommend BodyTalk with Caroline Nettle. Caroline has helped to improve and transform my health. Having suffered from chronic illness for over 25 years, when I first came to Caroline, I was at my wits end; exhausted, in total despair and really struggling. Caroline's gifts and abilities are nothing short of remarkable. I have been working with Caroline for around 6 months now and, during her Body Talk sessions the horrendous debilitating pain I was suffering from daily, a result of Endometriosis and related issues, has greatly lessened. To put it into context, the pain meant I couldn't work, carry out 'normal' everyday activities, and I’ve had several surgeries, been on bed rest for months on end, been passed from doctor to doctor and also continuously tried natural holistic methods aside from medicine etc. 
Caroline has a wonderful warm personality and speaks with clarity and her experience and knowledge is simply astounding. I strongly urge you to take a leap of faith and book a session with her. Go in with an open mind and heart. Caroline is truly gifted and I am sure her insight and guidance will help you vastly on your journey to healing. Thank you Caroline for working with me and helping me. 

SN France

I have been receiving Body Talk sessions regularly from Caroline over the last 3 years. Caroline is an amazing intuitive healer. She just seems to know exactly what to do to keep the body healthy and in balance. We have had some interesting sessions clearing some deeply rooted issues. I would recommend Body Talk with Caroline for specific issues or just to keep the body balanced.   

Jill Miller- Theta Healing Teacher, UK

My experience of BodyTalk with Caroline Nettle was extraordinary. She tapped straight into some very old deep wounds and illnesses that had plagued me in the past and, being an energy worker myself, I had a strong feeling of connection occurring in my body and re-alignment taking place. I had a powerful body reaction over the next two days which cleared leaving me feeling much lighter and brighter. I would highly recommend her therapy.                         

Sarah Cox- Satvik Energy Therapist and Teacher

BodyTalk is amazing. It has cleared so many emotional blockages. Caroline has a special gift. Her sessions have made me feel so much better.     

Sue Palterman, UK

BodyTalk has helped me to reclaim my life after years of suffering from M.E. In just two months, my energy levels increased dramatically, many of my allergies faded, and the sciatic pain I had been experiencing for years disappeared. I cannot recommend BodyTalk with Caroline Nettle strongly enough.

Rachel Scotland, UK

I wanted to write and thank you personally for the amazing work we have done together and the progress you have helped me achieve with my health. I am feeling stronger and more vital than ever, and I firmly believe your talents have helped. I shall do all I can to recommend your services to whoever will listen! 

C. Salisbury, UK 

I had my first BodyTalk Session with Caroline and I did not know what to expect. It was a very interesting and beneficial experience. She cleared a past life issue in my neck that had been sore for a while. She did some energy clearing whilst giving me details of a past life that was influencing this one. She mentioned I may be a little tired after the session and I slept for 11 hours straight. I am happy to report that my neck feels much looser now. Thank you Caroline- I look forward to our next session. 

Sue Ellam Soulfully Connecting, UK

I would never have bought 10 sessions in one go to help deal with my chronic heart problems if I did not trust Caroline completely. In the event, each medical crisis that occurred in the last few weeks was preempted and worked on in Caroline's weekly sessions and each problem was resolved. I would never have believed the synchronicity and the effectiveness of Caroline and her work on me had I not experienced it myself. It does not make much sense but it does work, Caroline is a true phenomenon.

Xenia Bennett, UK

My intuitive health reading from Caroline was incredible!! She couldn't have been more accurate in identifying several core issues that have been affecting me and my body. This was my first reading with her, but I'm looking forward to more sessions. Do not hesitate if you're thinking about working with Caroline. It is DEFINITELY WORTH IT!! (14 July, 2020)

Caroline has been doing intuitive health sessions (BodyTalk) for me for the past 6 months and they've all been amazing, but the last couple of sessions have been so extraordinarily spot on and powerful! So much packed in there! (16 June, 2020)

Faith, USA 

My intuitive health reading (BodyTalk) from Caroline was incredible!! She couldn't have been more accurate in identifying several core issues that have been affecting me and my body. This was my first reading with her, but I'm looking forward to more sessions. Do not hesitate if you're thinking about working with Caroline. It is DEFINITELY WORTH IT!! (14 July, 2020)

Gloria, USA 

For seven years, I experienced chronic inflammation and joint pain. I saw multiple specialists, who continuously turned to medicine to address my pain. The more toxic, the better. While that approach may work for some, it did not work for me. I wanted to address and remedy the root cause of my joint pain, which is what Caroline did. 

Caroline communicated with my body and dived deep into my past traumas, family history, stressors, and any other factor that was contributing to my pain. After which, she would promote and encourage the body to take the required action to become realigned. She used her healing nature and gifts to communicate with my body so it could heal itself: so that I could take the lessons learned from my condition and move forward, and, into a place that is filled with health, happiness, and love. A place of total alignment.

Alexandra Mackenzie, Ontario, Canada